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About Viral Nation

Bridging Korea with the Global Market
Viral Nation is a forward-thinking consulting and advisory firm with base operations in Seoul, South Korea. Our vision is to become the next global leader in consulting. We are a diverse team of professionals with experience in digital marketing, software development, management consulting, and market entry.

Our mission is not just to generate profit and accelerate projects, but to transform the entire industry.

Our company’s core business model is centered around building businesses that can change the interest on a global scale.

Our Clients

We have worked with a wide range of companies across industries, ranging from major corporations to small businesses


Attention-based Rewarded Video Platform, integrated with Youtube, Twitch , and more


Financial and messaging services app, with over 5 million users worldwide


Provides content for Samsung Health App, and is building a fitness influencevr platform


Upcoming Video based social media network, allowing users to create and share AI generated Video memories


One of the largest television and media companies located in South Korea

Techemy Group

Data & Research company, providing digital asset industry insights, asset values, indices, and custom enterprise solutions
Our mission is to create winners in untapped markets by bringing forth the innovations for the future generation.
Eric Choi
CEO at Viral Nation

Meet the Viral Nation Team

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Eric Choi
Jeongwoo Ryu
Scott Park
Alexander Richards
Head of Business Development
Brian Park
Yeonhye Jo
System Analyst
Oliver Leeds
Bobby Shah
Digital Marketer
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