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A successful business starts with the right strategy, and not just any strategy, but one that fit's your uniques strengths and experience. Great founders do not need accelerators, they need great partners.
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Viral Nation

We provide customized business architecture and unique business solutions for startups, small businesses, and enterprises alike in the digital era.
Solutions For Businesses In All Stages

Scope of Work

Providing a comprehensive system of applied branding strategy implementation, through processes of creative problem solving, project management, resource managment, project financing, market analysis, and network generation.

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Project Management Resources
  • Developing Sustainable Business Strategies
  • Resource Management
  • Exploring Series Pre-seed, Seed, A, B, and C Round Financing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Global Market Entry
  • Marketing and Public Relations
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Our process

Our goal is to get to know you and your goals, so we can provide guidance for the architecture and strategy necessary for success.

Onboarding Meeting(s)

Comprehensive internal/external audit & analysis of existing business architecture. Learning about your business and team.

Initial Strategy Outline

Multiple strategy proposals prepared and presented, with KPI's and timeline.
Customized for you.

Direction & Execution

Work directly with your team in executing the chosen solution.
We provide the tools to succeed.

Follow Up

Comprehensive follow up review, provided in monthly analysis reports.
Review, adapt, and continue.
Every decision involves relationships. Every relationship involves decisions.
Eric Choi
CEO at Viral Nation
Who we are
At Viral Nation we're all about you, so you can be about your business
Your business has its own unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to helping people connect, share and get work done. At Viral Nation, we start with your end goals in mind, and work alongside you to achieve them. You’ll be amazed by what we can accomplish together.
Experienced & Success Oriented
Our team is focused on the success of your project, and brings forth our extensive knowledge across industries
Consulting & Advisory
We work hand-in-hand with your team and provide the strategy and tools needed to succeed.

The Numbers

Employees Globally
Clients across Industries
In Seoul, South Korea
100+ Years
Combined Experience
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